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Welcome to the 2007 NYSAFLT/CAES Annual Meeting CD

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The NYSAFLT Annual Meeting Publication, Rosemary Fry, Editor is now available in PDF format. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read and print this document.

The publication is broken down into smaller PDFs by article.

Languages: Connecting Students to the World
Annual Meeting Series - No. 24

Table of Contents


The Editor

Rosemary Fry

Message from the President
Joanne O'Toole

Historical Perspective
John Carlino

The Board of Directors


Bullfighting for Beginners
Karen Martin Sánchez

Beyond Gardner: Connecting Students to the World Through the Senses, Storytelling, and Magic
Judith Mazziotti

Starting from Scratch:
A Recipe for FLES Programs
Peggy Sharkey

Increasing Time on Task
in the LOTE Classroom
Marie J. Campanaro

The Benefits of Leading A Student Tour
* Plus How to Choose An Educational Travel Company
Olle Olsson

Strategies for the
Non-Native Language Teacher
Beatriz C. Fantini

Canciones como recurso en una clase comunicativa de español
Josefa Alvarez, Ph.D.

Reading Below the Plot Line
for AP and Beyond
Eileen Angelini, Ph.D.
Myrna Bell Rochester, Ph.D.

From Coverage Without Pity to Performance: World Language Curriculum and Assessment Exposed in the Light of Backward Design
Jennifer Eddy, Ph.D.

Books! Books! Books!
Diane Gómez, Ph.D.
Sidonie Schneider

Past Publications in the Annual Meeting Series


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