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The NYSAFLT Annual Meeting Publication is now available in PDF format. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read and print this document.

The publication is broken down into smaller PDFs by article.
Teaching Languages in a Changing World:
Rethinking Literacies and Learners
Annual Meeting Series - No. 25
The Editors

Dr. Eileen Angelini
Dr. Mark Warford
Message from the President
Paul Sabatino
Historical Perspective
John Carlino
The Board of Directors  
A Composite Textual Comprehension Model for Literacy in the LOTE Classroom

William L. White
Le Général Charles de Gaulle et l'Algérie: Exercices et Etudes

Eileen M.
Angelini, Ph.D.
Jane C. Judge
LOTE and Its Many Faces

Paul Sabatino
Why Are FLES Programs Essential?

Eliane McKee, Ph.D.
Successful Special Needs Students in the Foreign Language Classroom

Tina Schmatz
Introducing the City School District of Albany's Dual Language Program

Melanie Pores
Parent Involvement and Students' Attitudes, Motivation, and Achievement in the Study of French

Jessica Matthews
Use All Your Creative Tools for an Effective Learning Environment

Lisa M. Silveri
Accommodating and Assessing Extraverted and Introverted Learners in Role-Play Projects

Rihann Ali
Past Publications in the Annual Meeting Series  

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